Get Started

Get a 3D scanner

All you need to get started is a good and accurate 3D scanner. We can help with training and guidance. 

Which scanner?

We recommend the use of a professional-grade 3D scanner like the Peel 2.  These scanners make it possible to accurate capture the stump shape and volume.

Cheap scanners for the iPad are not precise enough. For these scanners the measured stump volume often varies up to 5%, which make it impossible to design a socket that fits.   

How to do a case

Patient consultation

The patient’s stump is scanned.  Patient preferences and abnormal sensitives should be noted as these are used in the CVB design process.

After consultation

Send scan and order form to us. You will receive back a video showing the socket design tested in a gait simulation, so you can be confident that the socket works for the patient.  

We believe in open systems

A workflow designed to make the CPO succeed

The workflow is open. Snapform calculates the socket shape using the CVB design method. How you produce the socket is up to you. We can produce it for you, or help you find a local producer with the correct production technology.

Get your starter pack

Get access to our training materials about 3D scanning and CVB socket design