Snapform SimFit

Introducing Snapform SimFit – the worlds first AI powered biomechanical fitting engine


Distributes the load optimally across the pressure tolerant areas relieving the sensitive and bony areas


Advanced biomechanical simulation of the stump, liner and socket


SimFit calculates the socket shape directly from a 3D scan. No need for complicated CAD software. 

Snapform BioMech Socket

Cost-effective state of the art 3D printed socket. The biomechanical shape is generated by SimFit to ensure optimal comfort and control for the user.

Light weight and durable design

Smooth surface finish

Align adapter as required

Designed for easy of use

Helps the prosthetist achieve superior results for the user. SimFit handles all the complex biomechanics of the socket shaping.  Even the inexperienced prosthetist can attain outstanding results fast.

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Anatomical pressure areas

Shape the socket using pressure values for each area or use the default values

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