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Snapform, a new prosthetic clinic

We provide lower limb prosthetics designed using the latest digital technology.

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A new way

Before you try a Snapform socket on, we have already tried it on. We test the socket using an advanced simulation so we reduce the time it takes to fit the prosthesis.

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A better patient journey

Less time is spent on adjusting the socket, so more time is spent on helping you

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What we believe in

Access to affordable prosthetics is limited globally. We believe that digital technology have the answers to this problem. Easy digital design and modern production methods can give everybody access to well-fitted prosthetics.

A better user journey

Our technology makes it possible to get a new prosthesis in a better way. Gone are plaster casts, test sockets and numerous testing sessions.

Specialized in below knee prosthetics

We are focused on achieving the optimal results using the latest technology. We aim to make the world best below knee sockets.

Above knee sockets are coming. Our core technology is built to support both types. 

Let us help you

Reach out. We are constantly looking for ways to improve amputees’ mobility

+45 42606471

Andreas Børresen 

+45 20864522 

Martin Andersen